Recently, A Life More Boaty’s profile on its You Tube channel published a review of the Virtue V10 Top boat, which is a walk-through of the interior of the Virtue V10 Top. This sensationally received yacht premiered at BOOT in Düsseldorf, January 2024, and since then we have had the opportunity to present it at several major industry events.

What can be said about the Virtue V10 Top?

The creators of the review emphasize that the Virtue V10 is a Polish boat with a hull using innovative Petestep technology, which ensures good performance and a dry ride even at high speeds. About a decade ago, the Swedish company Petestep developed a groundbreaking and patented hull technology that revolutionized the structure of motor yachts. We have taken advantage of their achievements by incorporating Petestep’s technology into the design of the V10 hull.

Powerful engines

The model shown in the video is the Virtue V10 – the boat is powered by powerful Honda VTEC 250 engines, reaching a top speed of 50 knots, with a comfortable cruising speed of 20-25 knots.

Convertible seating area

Reviewers also note that the yacht has spacious swim platforms (they extend far back) and folding sides that are perfect for family outings with children and pets. The rear of the boat offers versatile seating arrangements, including a covered dinette that can easily be converted into a sunbathing area, with additional storage, cushioned seating and space for socializing.

Sunbathing zone

Another feature mentioned in the video is the bow, which is equipped with a sunbathing zone with a backrest, interior handrails for safety, and cleverly placed handles and pull-outs, improving both safety and aesthetics.

Comfortable cabin

As seen in the video, inside the yacht also impresses with refined details and solutions. The cabin is equipped with a comfortable bed, concealed lighting, a stylish black sink and vacuum toilet, as well as a cold water system, making it well suited for longer trips. Meanwhile, numerous lockers and compartments will hold all the equipment needed on the water.

Luxury design

What reviewers emphasize at the end is the Virtue V10’s finish. It is of high quality, which guarantees comfort and safety even at high speeds. This model is the perfect recreational boat combining performance, functionality and style to enjoy moments on the water with your loved ones.

Technical specifications:

Dual V10 engine (single engine and electric option also available)

Total length without LOA engine: 9,89 m

Total length with LOA motor: 9,95 m

Total width: 2.90 m

Hull draft: 0,41 m

Draught with twin engine: 0,74 m

Displacement: D

Weight in lightly loaded conditions: 3025 kg

Maximum engine power: 600 HP

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