V10 with Innovation award!

This September will mark the first anniversary of our debut product – the Virtue V10. Its premiere at the Interboot fair in Friedrichshafen was the perfect launching pad. Since then, the V10 has made waves around the world.

Nearly a year after the V10’s official unveiling, we’ve made significant strides. Although progress seemed slow at the outset, a year’s perspective reveals a journey filled with challenges and triumphs.

The strategy we chose for showcasing the V10 and building the brand has delivered on our expectations, garnering international recognition. Making our debut at Interboot 2022 – a highly prestigious event – proved to be right on target.

Sailing the V10 Through International Waters 

The Interboot fair saw the V10 grab headlines, described as: “An innovative revelation from Poland’s newest motorboat creators, Virtue Yachts. Making waves far beyond Europe, Virtue is unveiling their groundbreaking Virtue V10 for the first time at Interboot. This forward-thinking, 10-meter recreational boat surpasses high-quality standards and environmental sustainability. With a central helmstand, a sunroof equipped with solar panels, and ample outdoor space, the V10 is a league apart. The hull, perfected with patented Swedish Petestep technology and built via vacuum infusion, adds to its uniqueness. Powering the future, Virtue aligned with Evoy of Norway’s electric outboard motors. The single-use approved versions produce 150 hp each, while the maximum-power version offers two motors of 250 hp each. 

Reflecting on the impact of such exposure, consider the staggering numbers from Interboot:

  • 1,500 exhibitors
  • 96,000 square meters of space
  • 237,000 visitors

Clearly, our presence at Interboot was an opportunity to sail into uncharted waters, one that propelled the V10 onto the international stage.

Upon the heels of our successful premiere, we navigated to Boot Düsseldorf, the most esteemed boating event in Europe. The feedback at the event was overwhelmingly positive, lauding the meticulous detail, artisanal craftsmanship, and exceptional quality of our V10 Top model. The comfort, specifically of the cockpit seating, drew special praise. Our efforts also caught the eye of Marine Industry News magazine. For a visual recap, the video review on Barche a Motore gives a compelling overview.

Our journey continued with a significant milestone – the Palma International Boat Show in Mallorca. The event served as a hub for 271 exhibitors and a staggering crowd of over 30,000 yachting aficionados from across the globe. Our collaboration with Smart Yachting proved to be a turning point, enabling Virtue to demonstrate our dedication to forward-thinking solutions and sustainable practices.

The V10, our Polish-built flagship, established its footprint not only across Europe but reached further international waters. Smart Yachting, with operations in Mallorca, Marbella, and Ibiza, has embraced the V10. In Turkey, Mayco Marine brings the V10 experience to customers, while Swiss Nautik has taken up the mantle in Switzerland and Germany.

The V10’s journey has even crossed hemispheres to reach Australia. There, Carbon Yachts in Sydney offer the V10, having had the opportunity to film an insightful review during the Palma Boat Show, available for viewing on YouTube.

The expanding network of our distributors stands as a testament to the appeal of the V10, driven in part by our accessible test drives. Earlier this year, prior to the Palma Boat Show, we enabled interested parties in Marbella’s Puerto Banus and Lake Constance in Switzerland  to get a firsthand feel of the V10. This global expansion is more than we could have imagined just a year ago when our journey began.

Today, at our headquarters in the Polish Land of a Thousand Lakes, we are constructing the V10 for the Turkish distributor, Mayco Marine, who will showcase it at the Eurasia Boat Show in Istanbul this October. It is here, close to the shipyard, where we also conduct water tests and extend an invitation to all potential distributors to experience the V10 firsthand.

In the limelight, not only within our industry but across the media spectrum, the Virtue V10 has made waves. Garnering attention from the prestigious “Forbes Spain” was a significant boost to our brand’s visibility.

We currently offer two models: the V10 Top and the V10 Open. Our vision with these vessels is to redefine the concept of a motor boat, introducing a low-emission model ready for any day cruising adventure. The V10 Top, our crowning achievement, stands as the epitome of smooth cruising and sustainability. Enhanced by the innovative hull technology developed in partnership with Swedish company Petestep, it assures unrivalled stability and efficiency on water. The boat’s t-top provides constant protection from the elements, while its host of features are designed for enjoyment on the water, marking it as an exemplar of efficient and eco-friendly boat building.


Further recognition of the V10 came from multiple respected publications within the boating industry, including BoatBlurb, PlugBoats, Barche A Motore, Powerboat & RIB and mby.com. Its unique design, innovative features, and impeccable craftsmanship didn’t go unnoticed, strengthening the V10’s position in the market and drawing a growing clientele.

The unprecedented event was also our participation in the “Motor Boat of the Year” competition organized by the most popular French industry magazine, “Motor Boat.” The results will be announced during the Cannes Yachting Festival, adding to the expanding network of our distributors, a testament to the widespread appeal of the V10. This success is partly attributed to our accessible test drives, which earlier this year allowed interested parties in Marbella’s Puerto Banus and Lake Constance in Switzerland to experience the V10 firsthand. This global expansion is beyond what we could have imagined just a year ago when our remarkable journey began.

Looking ahead, we’re setting our sights on Sydney and Cannes. Even before our brand rings in its first year, we’re slated for participation in two more marquee events. First on the calendar, thanks to Carbon Yachts, is the Sydney Boat Show 2023, scheduled for August 3-6—a tradition that stretches back 54 years.

Following Sydney, from September 12-17, we’ll be cruising into Cannes for the Cannes Yachting Festival. Although the Cannes event is a bit younger than the Sydney Boat Show, this will be its 46th year with about 700 boats on display. On that specific occasion we will be showcasing something very special. The V10e which is the 100% electric version of V10. As we cast off from Cannes, we’ll be toasting to our first anniversary.


Here’s to the first of many milestones we’re looking forward to celebrating with you!