The world premiere Virtue V10

Friedrichshafen, Germany
17–25 September 2022

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday
from 10 AM to 5 PM

Friday to Sunday
from 10 AM to 6 PM

At the Interboot boat show in Friedrichshafen, Germany (17.-25.9.2022) the newly created power boat brand Virtue Yachts will premier their newly designed Virtue V10 adventure boat.

From the first moment the almost 10m long Virtue V10 illustrates its focus on quality and sustainability, boasting a center cockpit layout with ample outdoor space and a fixed sun roof with solar panels. The engine options range from the standard 300 HP single outboard, twin 150 HP BSO II or twin 250 HP outboards to the fully electric outboards of EVOY in a single or twin setup. The entire hull interior layout was planned around perfectly accommodating the EVOY battery packs with the vision to become a leading manufacturer of beautiful power boats with electric propulsion.

The air-conditioned cabin in the bow features a roomy double bed, a few lockers, the boat’s electric panels and a bath with an electric toilet and shower. The cockpit is equipped with the most modern (mainly Raymarine) marine display and sensor technology. In most engine versions the steering is fully electronic. Sentinel is the preferred provider connecting the V10 with the owner’s phone via an app, enabling controlling many functions onboard. The two cockpit seats are ergonomically designed and combine sitting with standing, while featuring a heavy-duty suspension console, making the ride safe and comfortable even in rough seas and at higher speeds.

The bow features a double sunlounge for enjoying the rays or the breeze. The aft section is perfectly set up for active relaxing with a multi-functional seating area. The backrests can be moved in either direction and the table can be lowered to convert the space into an even bigger sunlounge. The already spacious area is further enlarged by opening the side platforms, giving a true lounge feeling. Underneath the fixed sunroof the small galley contains not one, but two refrigerators, a sink and a grill, both underneath a solid cover.

The hull was not only designed visually exciting, but was optimized for efficiency and comfort with the help of the Swedish experts of Petestep. These efforts result in substantially smoother riding in especially rough waters as well as up to 30% lower fuel consumption.

Furthermore, specifically considering the challenging marina situation in Europe, the Virtue V10 was designed to to comfortably fit into the common 10x3m marina box size. The final dimensions of 9.95m x 2.90m additionally enable easier transport within the still manageable <3m wide load permit regime if optioned weight-conscious even behind a regular 3.5to-capable SUV.

An inital price indication for the well-equipped base V10 is in the EUR 220.000 range, details will be announced by Virtue Yachts in the coming weeks. The very attractive concept of the V10 fits very well in today’s world with its attention to detail, clever ideas, great quality and a focus on ecological optimization.