The world premiere Virtue V10

Friedrichshafen, Germany
17–25 September 2022

The Interboot 2022 trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, witnessed the world premiere of our Virtue V10 yacht. The decision to choose this particular event to present the V10 to enthusiasts was not a coincidence. It was our deliberate intention to introduce our boat and design philosophy to water recreation aficionados around Lake Constance and the surrounding Swiss lakes.

Why the Lake Constance region? It’s hard to find a region with more stringent emissions standards. We readied a version of the V10 with engines expressly designed for similar bodies of water: electric EVOY engines and specially modified Mercury internal combustion engines with BSO II certification.

At Interboot 2022, we presented a fully-loaded prototype of the Virtue V10 yacht. The expo visitors discovered a vessel boasting:

  • twin 250HP Honda engines,
  • a Seastar joystick maneuvering system – Optimus,
  • air conditioning,
  • BBQ grill,
  • inverter,
  • a powerful Fusion sound system with three amplifiers and subwoofers,
  • a second generation artificial deck,
  • our standard luxury upholstery,

and a host of other design and visual elements made of carbon fiber.

The yacht sparked a considerable amount of interest and earned rave reviews for its stylishness, quality craftsmanship, and structural design. The most attention was focused on the underwater part of our V10, which is based on Petestep technology. This innovation allows the boat to reach greater speeds while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption by up to 30%! Many visitors also inquired about the power-operated sideboards, which create additional lounging space and encourage closer contact with the water.
Taking into consideration the rising cost of shipping and marina berths, our visitors pointed out the possibility of transporting the Virtue V10 on a sub-trailer which can be towed by an SUV, van, or truck. And the dimensions conveniently allow it to fit into a 10 x 3 meter mooring box.

As a result of our presence at Interboot, we have made arrangements with select customers to hold a series of on-water tests, taking place as early as November near Genoa, Italy. Between November 3rd and 6th, we are proudly introducing both the Virtue V10 and our team of Polish motorboaters at the Poland Boat Show in Warsaw.

We invite and strongly encourage you to contact us and make an appointment ASAP for presentations via email today:


On January 20th and 21st, 2023, we are presenting our Virtue V10 at the world’s largest indoor water fair, Boot Dusseldorf, which is returning after a two-year hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.