At Virtue Yachts, we always prioritize proven solutions, user comfort, and stunning design when crafting our models. It brings us immense joy when the dedication we put into designing the dream boat is recognized and appreciated by boating enthusiasts.

A few days ago, the We Love Boating channel shared their impressions of the luxurious Virtue V10 T-Top boat on their YouTube profile. This exquisite vessel is available for purchase, among other places, on the Carbon Yachts website. What caught their attention? You can watch the video review here:

Here are the key details about the Virtue V10 model:

  • Boat size: 10 meters, just under 30 feet.
  • Purpose: day boat.
  • Available variants: V10 T-Top and V10 Open (completely open).

An important feature of the V10 boat, highlighted by the We Love Boating creators, is the engines. Engine options include single or twin Mercury Hondas or Yamahas (ranging from 250 to 400 mechanical horsepower) and Evo electric engines. How does this power translate into speed? The boat is capable of reaching a speed of 30 knots, and up to approximately 40 knots at maximum.

Moving on to amenities, the V10 T-Top model boasts a concealed swim ladder and an extended stern that reaches up to the engine line, providing additional comfort and space. Lastly, there’s a foldable balcony that increases the play area and widens the hull by about 5 feet.

Analyzing the recreational space, it’s worth mentioning the versatile seating, foldable table, and a kitchen equipped with a sink, pull-out faucet, fridge, as well as space for a grill or hot plate. Altogether, it creates a truly versatile space, crucial for a day boat.The control console is equipped with dual Axum plotters, engine control, Fusion radio, and a well-designed T-Top roof connected by a single carbon fiber post, ensuring excellent visibility.

What the We Love Boating channel creators particularly appreciated about the V10 T-Top model is its excellent boat engineering. It’s evident in the smallest details, such as the placement of speakers or railings. Well-thought-out and sleek design translates into premium quality and an elegant appearance for Virtue Yachts.

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