By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts


Virtue Philosophy

By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

Virtue Yachts are created by people with a deep passion for yachting. Our engineering team has many years of expertise in yacht production. But above all, we are active boaters ourselves. We specialize in creating yachts with features lacking in the current market.

We strive for technological perfection, but we also want to be part of positive ecological change. This is the reason that our modern manufacturing facility is environmentally friendly and partly solar-powered

The road to perfection

The road to perfection

We are extremely discerning when it comes to the technology we utilize and take meticulous care when selecting each solution.

The construction process takes place in a climate-controlled and well-ventilated environment. The vacuum infusion and assembly of each element is performed with diligence and attention to detail. Gelcoat-spraying and laminate-cutting is carried out in separate enclosed and ventilated areas with a focus on environmental and worker protection.

We always use only the highest quality materials. We aim to not only design and build modern yachts, but also focus on eco-conscious yacht production.

We strive to constantly improve each little step in our production process to achieve the highest possible quality (and therefore happy clients).

Petestep® Technology

Petestep® Technology

About a decade ago, Swedish company Petestep® designed groundbreaking and patented hull technology which revolutionized the structure of motor yachts. We built on their achievements by implementing Petestep technology in the hull design of the V10.

An analysis of the interaction between the water spray and the boat made it possible for Petestep to design a hull which surrounds the water line with so-called deflectors. The deflectors harness the energy of the water spray, redirecting it downward and aft, reducing drag by 10-30% and increasing acceleration by 20-50%. Concurrently, noise from water pushing against the hull is significantly reduced. The technology provides a more stable ride and lower fuel burn compared to conventional hulls.

The V10’s underwater section was developed and designed by Petestep, using patented technology along with advanced CFD simulations to optimize the hull. The V10 provides four Petestep deflectors, optimized for all speeds. This creates a yacht which is perfectly able to cope with choppy water, providing an unprecedentedly efficient and comfortable ride in its class of adventure boats.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

At Virtue Yachts, we manufacture boats using vacuum infusion. As a result, the lamination process is completed without emitting styrene into the environment. Layers of reinforcement are laid dry in the mold, then channels are distributed for resin injection and the entirety is sealed in a vacuum bag. The resin application is carried out by a suction pump, resulting in the ideal ratio of resin to reinforcement, preventing air bubbles.

Virtue Yachts’ production facility is equipped with a photovoltaic system, which heats the buildings with heat pumps and uses heat recovery ventilation – greatly reducing CO2 emissions. The V10 is either fitted with the most modern reduced-emission conventional outboards available on the market (even with a BSO II option), or the EVOY electric outboards to make boating a zero-emission leisure activity.

Above all, we believe the future belongs to daycruiser boats. From the first moment of designing the V10, we planned and optimized the outside and inside hull design for modern Li-ion batteries and EVOY electric engines. As battery technology is advancing fast, we believe the capabilities will exponentially increase and eventually replace conventional engines in pleasure boating. Let the future begin now.

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